UTD Club Instructors

John Bell

John began karate training in August 1984 at Louisiana State University under Mr. Leon Sill. In December 1986, John relocated to Dallas and began training with the Japanese Karate Association, Dallas, under Dr. Alex Tong and Mr. Peter Dreiske, at both the University of Texas at Dallas and the Southern Methodist University clubs. In March 1992, John was promoted to Shodan and in April 1995, he was promoted to Nidan. John earned his Sandan in September 2002. All three promotions were under Mr. Hidetaka Nishiyama. During the November 2007 Dallas training seminar under Nishiyama Sensei, John earned the rank of Yondan. As part of the yondan exam, a thesis must be submitted. The topic of John’s thesis was generating proper body dynamics with limited ankle flexibility.  In 2015, John earned his godan from the AAKF technical committee which is headed by Sensei Robert Fusaro.  The topic of his thesis was mental focus and karate.

In 1993, John began teaching at Japan Shotokan under Mr. Brad Webb. During 1994 he became an assistant instructor with the UTD club under Dr. Tong. Today, John is the chief instructor with the UTD club, as well as, the head instructor for a Karate course in the UTD curriculum.

John has competed in several AAKF National Tournaments, competing in Kata, Kumite and Team events.  John is a certified international referee (Class B) as well as a certified coach by the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) and  certified examiner by the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF).

John is a Certified Public Accountant in Dallas and a PADI Scuba (Master) Instructor.

Campo Caceres


Campo Caceres began his study of Shotokan Karate in 2002 as a UTD student with the Martial Arts and Self Defense course. He has since remained affiliated with JKA Dallas on an extra curricular basis up to present day, earning shodan rank in 2006. He is also now an assistant instructor for the UTD course he started in, and among the rotating kihon instructors for the club. He continually studies with the goals of further achievement in competition and rank.

Outside of martial arts, Campo is employed locally as a computer networking engineer. He enjoys traveling, video games, and whole host of other activities that can’t hope to offer the exercise and discipline that he has found Karate to provide.

Tuan Huynh

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Lanny Little

Lanny first practiced judo for a very short time in Arizona when he was 9. In high school, he trained in Chinese Kenpo under Sensei Don Trammel for approximately three years until he joined the Marine Corps. After serving in the Marines for four years, he moved to Dallas to continue his education. In 1986 he began training in Shotokan at the JKA Dallas dojo under Sensei Alex Tong at the University of Texas at Dallas campus.

Lanny received his Shodan in 1991 under Sensei Nishiyama. He received his Nidan in 1994, also under Sensei Nishiyama. He has been to several ITKF training camps in La Jolla, California where the participants trained under a variety of instructors and traditional Japanese styles of karate. He is currently a certified referee for ITKF competition. He has been an instructor at the Japan Shotokan Karate dojo in Richardson, Texas and is currently an instructor for the UTD Karate club.

Lanny has competed in many local and regional tournaments and was a participant in the Team Kumite portion of the 2000 & 20001 AAKF Nationals. His team placed 2nd and tied for 5th respectively.

He currently lives in Garland while his wife Carol, and his son Parrish, live on their farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee with an assortment of pets and livestock. He is a system developer with the Esselte Paper Company, where he has worked, on and off, since 1993. He is also a PADI Assistant Diving Instructor and enjoys working in his gardens, both in Garland and Tennessee.

Vincent May


Vincent May began Karate Training in 1990 under Mr. Brian Rich. After a year under Mr. Rich, he started training under Mr. Brad Webb where he continued his training for the next five years.As Vincent got closer to his Shodan exam, he began training under Sensei Alex Tong. He received his Shodan from Mr. H. Nishiyama in 2000.

At 76, Vincent trains a minimum of twice a week and is one of the rotating instructors for the club.

Vincent is semi-retired after working as an Electronics Engineer for 50 years. He still does occasional contract work and holds a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering, from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mr. May lives in Plano with his wife Margaret (Peg) and spends his free time with his hobbies of circuit design, gardening, and grandchildren.

Fred Turner – Faculty Advisor


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