JKA Austin Club Instructors

Tom Pilon


Sensei Tom Pilon brings to JKA Austin, over 30 years of training in Shotokan Karate (Nishiyama Kia). He has trained with world champions and many of the world’s greatest sensei. Teaching is his true passion and he consistently develops each student, both physically and emotionally, to reach their full potential. Sensei Tom embodies the philosophy of our original sensei by teaching that Shotokan Karate is not something that we do, but with honesty, effort, and humility, is something that we can become. His motto is “Always Train”.


Andrea Keidel


Andrea started training in 1992 in Rimpar, Germany under various sensei. Claus Arnold, who was on the German Kata national team (WKF), is the most well-known among them. She received her Shodan in 2006 from Efthimios Karamitos and Gunar Weichert. That same year she earned her German karate trainers license (F-ÜL). In 2007, she moved to the United States for her graduate studies at UT and joined the Japan Karate Association of Austin, and has been teaching ever since. She recently received her Nidan from Alex Tong,  Brad Webb and John Bell.