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AAKF Regional Tournament – April 23rd


The 2016 Southwestern Regional Tournament will be on April 23rd.  The tournament will be hosted by Sensei Mike Escamilla and the Saginaw Shotokan Karate club.



Saginaw Recreation Center
633 W. McLeroy Blvd.
Saginaw, TX 76179


There will be divisions for Black Belts along with adult & junior Kyu ranks.  Competitors must be current members of AAKF and follow AAKF and WTKF rules.



WTKF – World Championship, October 11th – 16th, Krakow, Poland

The World Traditional Karate-Do Federation will host the World Traditional Karate-Do Championship and the 3rd Traditional Karate World Children’s Cup in Krakow, Poland.

More Information to follow.


AAKF 55th National Championships & International Camp

The AAKF National Tournament will be in Minneapolis, MN  June 21st – 25th

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