Judges Training – March 22nd in Saginaw

This is the 3rd session on judges training.

The focus of this session will be Junior Competition, exploring the different classes (A,B,C,D & Elite) and what the judges and athletes should understand.

This class is open to all students regardless of age or rank.  Please ensure you know at least one kata and are familiar with the basic concepts of 1-step or 3-step kumite as these are required for the various classes of Junior competition. For students in the Elite category, we will cover the kogo kumite rules as well.

If any parents are interested in helping with score keeping at the Junior National Competition hosted in Richardson on June 28th, please come observe the training and talk with Tuan Huynh or John Bell.

Class will begin at 11:00 on the 22nd and end between 1:00 – 2:00

Saginaw Shotokan Karate
633 West Mcleroy 
Saginaw, TX 76179

Contact: Mike Escamilla 817-230-0350 or saginawshotokankarate@yahoo.com if you need any additional information


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